The Kleos Space constellation detects radio transmissions and pinpoints their origin and timing, enabling governments and organizations to detect activity … Read More


Brik-2 6u cubesat

The BRIK-II project aims at assessing the relevance of CubeSats for military operations. The satellite mission is co-developed by ISISPACE, … Read More


NAPA 6U cubesat

ISISPACE has designed, built, and tested the satellite platform and ground segment, and will deliver the satellite “in orbit” to … Read More


SIMBA cubesat

The mission is sponsored by ESA and led by the Royal Meteorological Institute Belgium (RMIB) with ISISPACE as the subcontractor … Read More


Dido-3 cubesat

In comparison with its predecessor, DIDO-2,  the platform has been upgraded to include an enlarged structure, now in the so-called … Read More


ghalib 2u cubesat

From feasibility study to designing and building a nanosatellite that is capable of tracking migrating falcons, ISISPACE built the 2U … Read More