3U CubeSat Bus

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The 3U CubeSat Bus contains the core flight-proven subsystems and offers advanced capabilities in a mid-sized package. With precise Attitude Determination and Control, high-end communications architecture increased electrical power and a robust Command & Data Handling System – the 3-Unit is the CubeSat platform of choice for more complex missions such as maritime safety & vessel tracking (AIS), air traffic monitoring (ADS-B), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Internet-of-Things services (IoT), Earth Observation (EO) and Science Experiments.

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3-Unit CubeSat Bus
Payload Volume 1.5-2U
Payload Average Power Up to 5W
Peak Power Generation Up to 20W
Pointing Accuracy Up to 5° (Advanced ADCS)
TT&C (VHF/UHF) 9.6kbps up and downlink
Payload Data Downlink 9.6kbps (UHF) or 4.3 Mbps (S-Band)
Data bus I2C/SPI/UART
Storage Up to 64GB