2007 ISISPACE has dedicated itself to realise affordable access to space for the small satellite segment. Through its ISILAUNCH rideshare launch services more than 650 satellites have gotten their ride to low earth orbit.

Throughout the years ISISPACE has build up an excellent track record for launching small satellites into orbit, working across continents and across launch vehicles.

In addition, ISISPACE has developed, qualified and taking into production a broad range of essential interfaces between your spacecraft and the launch vehicle, ranging from CubeSat Deployers and microsatellite separation systems, to deployment sequencing modules and launch adapaters.

ISISPACE’s rideshare launch services have become successful by controlling these interfaces as well. And those building blocks for affordable access to space are available for individual small satellite developers, for launch providers, brokers and other intermediaries such as operators of orbital transfer vehicles.

Recently ISISPACE has taken the step beyond LEO by delivery the first European Deep Space Deployers for 6-Unit CubeSats that will carry two CubeSats on the ESA HERA asteroid mission.