QB50 project

QB50 is an exciting space science project that has CubeSats at the heart of the mission. Lead by the Von … Read More


nayif 1U cubesat

The goal is to teach space system engineering to students with a hands-on approach. Secondly, the satellite embeds different experiments … Read More

Hiber 1 & Hiber 2

Hiber-1 and hiber 2 cubesats

ISISPACE has provided two identical 6U CubeSat platforms to the Hiber company, which are now operating successfully in orbit. The … Read More


JY1-sat 1u cubesat

JY1-SAT is the first Jordanian satellite, a 1-Unit CubeSat developed with the Crown Prince Foundation of Jordan. The project is … Read More


dido-2 3u cubesat

The objective is to gather actionable data by researching the effects of a microgravity environment on biological materials. The payload … Read More