ISIS CubeSat Development Platform

Price on request

As the CubeSat Development Platform architecture is based on ISISPACE’s heritage platform design, it also provides a reliable and representative environment for the development of future missions using our 1-3U platform. The setup includes all the required ground support equipment and software libraries for interfacing with the satellite and is optimized for using it in a laboratory environment.

The unit comes with our UHF/VHF transceiver, which is compatible with ISISPACE ground station radio products, and kits in VHF, and UHF. This product is perfect to emulate a ground station during end-to-end testing in the lab, at test sites or at the launch site. Optionally, our CubeSat Development Platform can be accompanied by a demonstration workshop by one of our engineers.



The ISISPACE CubeSat Development Platform has been developed with the aim of providing nanosatellite developers with a standard and integrated setup to jumpstart their payload and software development. With its accessibility and versatility, it is perfectly suited for educational and outreach purposes.

CubeSat Subsystems

Ground support equipment

  • OBC Programming & Debug Interface
  • Horizontal & Stack Integration Jig (MGSE)
  • Tooling set


• FreeRTOS
• Hardware abstraction layer
• Subsystem interface library
• Demonstration software
Ground PC
• IDE and debug terminal
• Radio GSE software and GUI