12U/16U CubeSat Bus

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The 12U and 16U Cubesat Buses are equipped with our latest generation subsystems and instruments, specially developed for demanding missions. Provide 8-12 Units of payload space, substantial power, a comprehensive attitude/trajectory control suite and a high-speed payload data link.

These platforms can be optimally configured for payload In-orbit Demonstration (IoD), high accuracy Earth Observation (EO), high throughput communications (RF) or Deep Space missions. The 12-Unit and 16-Unit platforms deliver the capabilities to enable your moonshot project.


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12U/16U CubeSat Bus
Payload Volume 8 – 12U
Payload Average Power  Up to 40W
Peak Power Generation  Up to 100W
Pointing Accuracy 0.05° (1σ, all axes)
Attitude Knowledge 0.02° (1σ, all axes)
TT&C (S-Band)  9.6kbps uplink and up to 0.5Mbps downlink
Payload Data Downlink  4.3Mbps (S-Band) or 50Mbps (X-Band)
Storage  Up to 64GB
Propulsion  Up to 2000Ns (Optional)