Small Satellite Solutions

We provide turn-key CubeSat and smallsat solutions for both governmental and commercial customers around the world. Using a broad range of standard subsystems with flight heritage we build tailor-made satellite solutions with in-orbit delivery and options for managing your space infrastructure and delivering your data on a daily basis.


Whatever you would like to achieve, if it involves small satellites, we are well-positioned to support you in achieving your objectives. Whether you are working on training the next generation of engineers, performing small scale science missions, or planning novel applications using globe-spanning constellations, we are ready to support you.

CubeSat platforms

Our CubeSat Platforms are flight-proven and cost-effective, enabling rapid development and a reduced time-to-orbit. Such a platform generally consists of the main avionics stack (on-board computer, power system and communication systems), an attitude control system, solar panels and the main structure.

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Satellite Design and integration

ISISPACE designs and integrates tailor-made CubeSat missions for its customers. We leverage our experience, heritage and standardized components, platforms and other building blocks to offer a high added value for our customers at an affordable price. For certain mission solutions we also offer payload designs. Feel free to contact us for specific information.

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Launch services

Since 2007, we have been carrying out numerous successful launch campaigns for small satellites through our launch services subsidiary ISILAUNCH. The motto of our ISILaunch Services is to make the launch of your small satellite as simple and ‘easy’ as possible, for you. We can offer you a complete package deal, taking care of all aspects of the launch, or we can offer you a solution tailored to your specific needs.

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Satellite operations

We often provide a hybrid solution with respect to satellite operations as part of our satellite solutions. Our own satellite operations engineers are in charge of the spacecraft during the first period in orbit and take care of commissioning the spacecraft. Once the satellite is ready for performing its main mission, control is often handed over to the customer.

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Flight proven CubeSat platforms

1U CubeSat Platform

ISISPACE 1U CubeSat Platform
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3U CubeSat Platform

ISISPACE 3U CubeSat Platform
View 3U CubeSat Bus

6U CubeSat Platform

ISISPACE 6U CubeSat Platform
View 6U CubeSat Bus

12U/16U CubeSat Platform

ISISPACE 12U CubeSat Platform
View 12U/16U CubeSat Bus


With over 15 years of designing, building, testing, launching and operating multiple satellites, ISISPACE has gained extensive experience in building satellites for a vast variety of missions and customers. Having enabled over 30+ successful missions with our platforms and turnkey solutions, our track record speaks for itself. Have a look at our portfolio and discover the variety of missions we have supported.
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Our CubeSat solutions have been used for a wide variety of missions, from training the next generation of students to testing out new technologies in space, from atmospheric and climate research to ocean traffic monitoring. Customers for satellite missions include government agencies, research institutes, universities and commercial companies.

Earth observation

Ship tracking

Internet of Things

air traffic monitoring

Signal intelligence

Agricultural mapping

Air quality monitoring

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Turn-key missions

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