CubeSat buses

The ISISPACE CubeSat platform is a flight-proven, cost-effective system with a short delivery time that meets the performance required for a wide range of applications. As every mission is one-of-a-kind, we have focused on a design that enables the right balance between flexibility, compatibility, and reliability, allowing your team to focus on the mission and payload, reducing the time-to-orbit. The platform is also available as an engineering model ideal for training, or interface development.
6u cubesat on jig
1U CubeSat Platform 3U CubeSat Platforms 6U CubeSat Platforms 12U/16U CubeSat Platform
Payload Volume 0.4U 1.5-2U 2.5-3U 8 – 12U
Payload Average Power 400mW Up to 5W Up to 20W Up to 40W
Peak Power Generation 2W Up to 20W Up to 60W  Up to 100W
Pointing Accuracy Detumbling Up to 5° (Advanced ADCS) Up to 0.1° (Advanced ADCS) 0.05° (1σ, all axes)
TT&C (VHF/UHF) 9.6kbps up and downlink 9.6kbps up and downlink 9.6kbps uplink and up to 0.5Mbps downlink -
TT&C (S-Band) - - -  9.6kbps uplink and up to 0.5Mbps downlink
Payload Data Downlink 9.6kbps (UHF) 9.6kbps (UHF) or 4.3 Mbps (S-Band) 4.3 Mbps (S-Band)  4.3Mbps (S-Band) or 50Mbps (X-Band)
Storage 2 x 2GB Up to 64GB Up to 64GB Up to 64GB
Propulsion - - Up to 2000Ns (Optional)  Up to 2000Ns (Optional)

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