Upcoming events

We are attending space related events all over the world. If you would like to schedule a meeting at one of the events we are participating please send an email to sales@isispace.nl.

36th Space Symposium

Location: Colorado Springs, USA
Date: 31 October – 2 November 2020
Website: https://www.spacesymposium.org/

12th European CubeSat Symposium

Location: Ecole Polytechnique Paris
Date: 24 – 26 November 2021
Website: https://www.cubesatsymposium.eu

1st IAA African on Small Satellites

Location: Stellenbosch, South Africa
Date: 10 – 13 May 2021
Website: https://www.iaa-africa2020.co.za/

4S Symposium

Location: Vilamoura, Portugal
Date: 2 – 6 March 2021
Website: atpi.eventsair.com

Industry Space Days

Location: Noordwijk, The Netherlands
Date: 16 – 17 September 2020
Website: https://isd.esa.int/

ESTEC Open Day

Location: Noordwijk, The Netherlands
Date: 4 October 2020