Building blocks

Building your own space mission? Look no further as we have the essential building blocks to make your mission a success, from modular CubeSat avionics, standardized CubeSat bus solutions or a ride into space on one of our launch campaigns.


Various product lines covering components, launch hardware, and ground stations.


Flight-proven and cost-effective CubeSat platforms enabling rapid development.


Our highly skilled team can assist you in every stage of your mission from design, to launch and operations.

For satellite integrators or those who prefer to develop their own satellites, we also offer many of the subsystems and components that we use on our own missions. For payload developers, we can help you speed up your mission realization with our standard CubeSat buses, ranging from 1U to 16U. Complemented by our engineering services and training, we can support you in every step along the way.

Space heritage

ISISPACE product lines include small satellite subsystems, ground support equipment, satellite deployers and ground stations. Our satellite subsystems are highly standardized and typically available as an off-the-shelf item at fixed prices and standardized lead times. We have an excellent track record with dozens of units successfully launched into orbit every year.

Contact us

Not finding exactly what you are looking for? As all our subsystems are developed and manufactured in-house, we have the ability to provide you with customizations that meet your specifications. Contact us and find out how we can help you.