DuoPack CubeSat deployer

Flight Heritage since 2015

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The Duopack is a European launch adapter developed by ISIS for use with its ISILaunch Services to accommodate CubeSats onboard a large variety of launch vehicles. Yet it can also be purchased separately in case a CubeSat developer has arranged a launch independently. By design, the Duopack provides simple, well-defined interfaces with the CubeSats internally and with the launch vehicle externally. During the launch, the CubeSats are fully enclosed by the Duopack and are only dispensed upon the signal by the launch vehicle.
Flight Heritage since 2015 on PSLV, LM-2D.
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  • The Duopack does not rely on a battery pack, nor does it need power to stay closed. Therefore charging of the Duopack is not necessary.
  • The Status System relies on redundant implemented deployment status switches.
  • The Duopack is compatible with most launch vehicle pyro pulse signals to operate its HDRM. This is a non-explosive device which is testable, resetable and reusable.


  • Shipped inside a PeliCase container with documentation