DuoPack CubeSat deployer

Price on request

  • No charging needed, does not contain batteries
  • Allows for up to 10.0 mm side volume and a large ‘’tuna can’’
  • Dynamic rail system clamps satellites inside for best load transfer
  • FAR/ITAR free design
  • Redundant deployment and telemetry signals
  • Ultralight burn wire-based Hold Down and Release Mechanism
  • Access hatches in the door to allow for umbilical connection
  • Also available in XL variant
  • Flight Heritage since 2015 on PSLV, LM-2D

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Flight Heritage since 2015


The Duopack is a European launch adapter developed by ISIS for use with its small satellite launch services to accommodate CubeSats onboard a large variety of launch vehicles. Yet it can also be purchased separately in case a CubeSat developer has arranged a launch independently. By design, the Duopack provides simple, well-defined interfaces with the CubeSats internally and with the launch vehicle externally. During the launch, the CubeSats are fully enclosed by the Duopack and are only dispensed upon the signal by the launch vehicle.

Deployer Mass: 5kg
Maximum Payload Mass: 12kg


Qualification testing

Test QT
Mechanical Shock
Thermal Cycling
Thermal Vacuum

*Levels available on request, ECSS/NASA GEVS compatible