Deep Space Deployer

Price on request

  • Multi-staged separation sequence allows for health check while exposed to space prior to release
  • Configurable low velocity release (cm/s) suitable for and deep space missions
  • Power and data interface via umbilical up to satellite release
  • Flight proven hold down release mechanism and DuoPack deployer design
  • Additional side volume available for deployable sub-systems
  • Redundant deployment and telemetry signals
  • Dynamic rail system clamps satellites


The deep-space deployer (DSD) is an enhancement to the already successful DuoPack. The DSD is designed to safely deliver CubeSats to their final orbit around the moon and other celestial bodies. The innovative design enables a low speed staged deployment ensuring both the host vehicle and your CubeSat maintain their target trajectory.

Through the addition of a staged deployment, an umbilical connection can be connected to your platform allowing a data and electrical interface. With this umbilical, health checks and software updates can be performed post-launch and prior to deployment. During the staged deployment, your platform is first pushed out of the container but not released. At this point, deployable sub-systems can be released and RF communications link established with the host vehicle, while still connected via umbilical. Once all health checks have been confirmed, your platform can gently be released into its final orbit with the assurance it is mission ready.

Deployer Mass: 5kg
Maximum Payload Mass: 12kg


Qualification testing

Test QT
Mechanical Shock
Thermal Cycling
Thermal Vacuum

*Levels available on request, ECSS/NASA GEVS compatible