S-Band High Data Rate Transmitter

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  • Operates in the 2200-2290 MHz EESS/SRS/SOS allocation
  • CCSDS compliant channel coding ensures compatibility off-the-shelf demodulators as well as various ground station networks
  • RF power control loop to maintain constant RF power over the temperature range and Frequency band
  • SFCG Spectral mask compliant (Recommendation: SFCG-21-2R4)
  • Safety watchdog
  • Adjustable RF output power from 27 to 33dBm (0.5dB steps)
  • RF output tolerant to full mismatch
  • Strong Forward Error Correction (FEC) to maximize link throughput
  • No need for data pre-processing: all channel coding is performed inside the transmitter
  • Up to 4.3 Mbit/s useful datarate (at CCSDS TM Transfer Frame level)
  • In-flight configurable RF parameters (frequency, data-rate, RF power, FEC parameters)
  • Data interfaces: LVDS (payload data), I2C (housekeeping)
  • Power control loop to keep RF output power constant over varying operating conditions
  • IPC-A-610 Class 3 assembly

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The S-Band High Data Rate Transmitter is a CubeSat compatible Transmitter designed to meet the needs of high data-rate downlinks of up to 4.3 Mbps (usable information bit-rate at CCSDS transfer frame level). The transmitter can be used for both TT&C or PDT downlinks. The S-band transmitter is flexible, implementing CCSDS as data link layer protocol and allowing in-flight configuration of data-rate, modulation scheme, frequency, and RF output power.


Dimensions 98.81 x 93.26 x 14.52 mm
Mass 120 g
Frequency range 2200 – 2290 MHz
Frequency step size 1 kHz
Frequency stability +/-10 ppm
RF output power 27 to 33 dBm (settable) ± 1 dB
Spurious emissions Less than -60 dBc
Transmitted data rate (on-air) up to 10 Mbit/s (5 Msym/s, OQPSK)
Useful information bitrate up to 4.3 Mbit/s (at TM transfer frame level), settable in 4 steps. Support up to 7.6 Mbit/s is under development
Modulation scheme Suppressed carrier: BPSK, OQPSK as per CCSDS 401.0-B
Pulse shaping filter Root raised cosine Nyquist pulseshaping as per CCSDS 413.0-G.
Roll-off: 0.35 / 0.5 selectable
Forward Error Correction Convolutional (K=7, ½) as per CCSDS 131.0-B
Reed Solomon (223, 255) as per CCSDS 131.0-B
Pseudorandomization Pseudorandomization as per CCSDS 131.0-B
Synchronization 32 bit Attached Sync Marker as per CCSDS 131.0-B
Power consumption 13 W (for 33 dBm RF output power), upgrade in power efficiency under development (join our  mailing list)
DC supply voltage 7 to 20 V
Payload data interface LVDS
Housekeeping data interface I2C
Operating temperature -40 to +70 °C


  • Default RF parameters:
    • transmit frequency
    • modulation scheme
    • roll-off
    • symbol rate
    • transmit power
    • CCSDS Spacecraft Identifier)
  • I2C and CAN watchdog implementation
  • CSKB-lite connector configuration
  • Grounding interface configuration


  • Compatibility with the following demodulators has been verified:
    • Zodiac CORTEX CRT
    • Teledyne Qubeflex
    • Amergint satTRAC
    • RT Logic / KRATOS quantum GND
    • Antwerp Space Omnisat LT
  • Compatibility with the following ground station networks has been verified:
    • KSAT-lite
    • LEAF Line

Qualification and Acceptance testing

Test QT AT
Mechanical Shock
Thermal Cycling
Thermal Vacuum

*QT is performed on the design/qualification model
*AT is performed on the unit to be shipped