Electrical antenna


  • LEDs indicators for reporting antenna deployment status (stowed/deployed)
  • Software safe/arm implementation
  • Automated sequential antenna deployment
  • Reporting of activation count and total activation time
  • Application:
    • Early software development
    • Flat-sat testing
  • I²C Interface
  • DB9 Interface Connector
  • 9pin Omnetics Interface Connector

Availability: 8 weeks

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The electrical antenna model was developed based on our successful deployable antenna system. This model has identical functional electrical and software interfaces as a flight antenna model but does not feature the flight antennas and mechanical parts. This allows the electrical model to be a cost-effective and safe alternative for a flight antenna for your engineering or development models or used as a replacement during flat-sat testing of your proto flight model.



Environmental Characteristics
Qualified operational temperature range -20°C to +60°C
Storage temperature range -50°C to +85°C (RH < 60%)
Electrical characteristics
Supply voltage 3.0V to 3.6V (3.3V nominal)
5.0V (on customer request)
Typical current consumption (antennas stowed) 9mA @ 20°C
Typical current consumption (during deployment) 560mA @ 3.3V (20°C)
0.40A @ 5.0V (20°C)
Typical current consumption (antennas deployed) 16mA @ 20°C
Physical characteristics
Dimensions (main) 98 x 98mm
External height 20 mm
Mass 30 grams
Harness wire length 300 mm