iEPS Electrical Power System

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  • Compact solution – one PC104 form factor board, ideal for 1U-3U sized platforms
  • Communication over I2C, UART for testing
  • FRAM-based MCUs for improved radiation tolerance
  • Low (idle) power consumption, dedicated emergency low power mode for EPS survivability
  • Hardware voltage, over-current protection and hardware-based maximum power point tracking
  • Hardware Supervisor including Watchdog
  • Solar Panel interface utilizes GaN-FETs
  • Allows customizations through the mountable daughterboard

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The ISIS Electrical Power System (iEPS) is the second-generation compact power system for nanosatellites. It is an off-the-shelf Electrical Power System available in three standard configurations (Type A/B/C), ideal for powering 1U – 3U Cubesats. The system leverages wide bandgap semiconductor technologies, implementing GaN-FETs to improve solar power conversion efficiency and performance. It is equipped with an integrated heater, hardware-based Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and hardware voltage and over-current protection. The iEPS provides 3.3V and 5 V regulated buses, as well as an unregulated bus. An add-on daughterboard allows additional configurations to suitably power the system and payload instruments.


Mass Type A: 184 ± 5 grams (2 cell battery pack)
Type B: 310 ± 5 grams (4 cell battery pack)
Type C: 360 ± 5 grams (4 cell battery pack + daughterboard)
Volume Type A: 96 x 92 x 26.45 mm (PCB and top battery)
Type B: 96 x 92 x 11.34 mm (PCB B only)
Type C: 96 x 92 x 15.95 mm (PCB C only)
Type B/C: 94.4 x 89.3 x 21 mm (4-Cell Battery Pack)
Operating temperature range -20°C to +70°C
Energy storage 22.5Wh (Type A),
45Wh (Type B/C)
Output voltage domains VD0: Unregulated voltage (1 channel)
VD1: 5V (4 channels)
VD2: 3.3V (4 channels)
Customisable lines via the daughterboard
Main bus organization Unregulated bus
Functional protection Emergency Low Power Mode (when Bus voltage low)
Hardware Supervisor including Watchdog
Firecode stack reset capability
Onboard housekeeping measurement
Electrical protection Overcurrent/thermal limit on Unit input on each output bus channel:
– overcurrent/thermal protection
– reverse current protection
Communication interface I²C



Type A: iEPS board with integrated 2 Li-ion cell battery pack
Type B: iEPS board with modular 4 Li-ion cell battery pack
Type C: iEPS board with modular 4 Li-ion cell battery pack and daughterboard
– iEPS daughterboard: Allows customizable voltage domains through the mountable daughterboard


Qualification and Acceptance testing

Test QT AT
Mechanical Shock
Thermal Cycling
Thermal Vacuum

*QT is performed on the design/qualification model
*AT is performed on the unit to be shipped


Is the ISISPACE Electrical Power System ISS compliant?
Yes, please select this option when ordering.

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