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iEPS Electrical Power System

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▪ Compact single PC/104 form factor board solution
▪ FRAM based MCUs for improved radiation tolerance
▪ Hardware voltage, over-current protection and hardware-based maximum power point tracking
▪ Designed for low (idle) power consumption
▪ Solar Panel interface utilizes GaN-FETs
▪ Allows customizations through mountable daughter-board

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The ISIS Electrical Power Subsystem (iEPS) is designed as a single solution EPS, ideal for 1U up to 3U CubeSats. Applying new technologies, the GaN-FETs used in the solar panel interface improve power conversion efficiency and performance. The system is equipped with hardware-based Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and battery voltage management. The iEPS provides 3.3V and 5V regulated buses, as well as an unregulated bus. An add-on daughter board allows multiple configurations and customizations as needed to suitably power your system and payload instruments.

Mass Type A 200 grams (2 Li-Ion cell battery pack)
Type B 330 grams (4 Li-Ion cell battery pack)
Type C 70 grams (PCB only)
Volume Type A 96 x 92 x 27 mm (PCB and top battery)
Type B 96 x 92x 38 mm (PCB + DB + bottom battery)
Type B 96 x 92x 11 mm (PCB only)
Operating temperature range -20°C to +60°C
Power delivered 20W @ 5V over 4 channels
Energy storage 6400mAh (Type A), 12800mAh (Type B)

Type A: iEPS board and a pack of 2 batteries
Type B: iEPS board, daughter board and a pack of 4 batteries
Type C: iEPS board only
▪ Allows customization through mountable daughterboard, provides the following voltage domains:

  • VD10: Unregulated voltage with one output channel
  • VD11: Custom voltage lower than VD10, one output channel
  • VD12: Set to 5V with 4 output channels. Voltage can be customized to any voltage lower than VD0

▪ Daughter board enables ISIS AntS2.0 interface and ISIS solar panel data interface and readout

Output voltage domains VDO: 5V
VD1: 3V3
VD2: user selectable (model B with Daughter board)
Main bus organization Unregulated bus
Functional protection Emergency Low Power Mode (when Bus voltage low)
Hardware Supervisor including Watchdog
Firecode stack reset capability
On board housekeeping measurement
Electrical protection Overcurrent/thermal limit on Unit input on each output bus channel:
– overcurrent/thermal protection
– reverse current protection
Communication interface I²C