Full Ground Station Kit for VHF/UHF


With its ground station, ISIS offers a turnkey solution that is specifically designed for small satellites in Low Earth Orbit using VHF and UHF radio frequencies. The ground station can autonomously track selected satellites by using a steerable antenna system. This complete kit includes all hardware and software to get up-and-running quickly.


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  • Steerable Antenna System
    • Azimuth and elevation rotators with speed up to 6° /sec.
    • Hot-dip galvanized steel mounting mast
    • UHF and VHF Yagi antennas (Amateur/commercial bands)
    • Lightning protection system
    • 20m of cable between 19″rack and antenna included in price
  • Standard Software
    • Satellite tracking software pre-installed
    • Autonomous tracking with scheduler
    • Debian/GNU LINUX operating system pre-installed
  • Compact setup
    • The ground station equipment (except the antenna system) is fitted into a single 12-U 19” rack which allows the ground station to fit in almost any location.
  • Remote Operations
    • It is possible to configure and control the ground station remotely through the internet.
    • Autonomous tracking with scheduler
  • Complete ground station solution
    • The ISIS ground station kit provides you with a complete solution if you are looking for a means to start communicating with Low-Earth Orbit satellites.
  • Educational value
    • A small ground station also provides an opportunity to provide hands-on educational projects with a focus on telecommunications on technical schools and Universities.


VHF System noise figure: 1.6 dB
UHF System noise figure: 2.0 dB
VHF: 12.3 dBic gain, switchable RHCP-LHCP
UHF: 15.5 dBic gain, switchable RHCP-LHCP
Power supply: 110V or 230V AC (selectable) 50/60 Hz
Downlink data rate: 1.2 – 9.6 kbps
Uplink data rate: 1.2 – 9.6 kbps


Can you perform a site survey?
Yes, we can send one of our team members to evaluate the site.

What are the requirements for the on-site installation?
Detailed requirements can be provided on demand. Please contact us for more information as local regulations may vary.

Do your Ground stations have any redundancy mode?
Our ground stations do not have built-in redundancy. However, the ground station comes with a detailed maintenance manual and we can provide maintenance training such that any issues with the transceiver, rotor controller or amplifier, for example, are reduced to the minimum. We can also provide a spare parts kit to allow quick replacement and to minimize downtime. Note that we can also provide an early maintenance service performed by our qualified engineers, which comes with a 1-warranty and support.
Can we plug our own software application to send and receive data from/to the ground stations?
Dedicated TCP/IP sockets are made available for your own software integration.

Are the ground stations resistant to a harsh environment?
The ISISPACE ground station can be weatherized for a humid environment and heated for sub-zero temperatures.

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