ISIS and ThrustMe sign MoU to offer advanced Small Satellite capabilities with propulsion

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ISIS – Innovative Solutions In Space B.V. from Delft, The Netherlands, and ThrustMe from Paris, France have signed a Memorandum of Understanding related to the use of an advanced electric propulsion system for ISIS satellites.

With more than 10 years of experience in executing complete CubeSat missions, ISIS is one of the leaders in the small satellite business. The company combines research and developmenttestinglaunch services, and operation of small space systems in a single organization.

Given the direction of the developments in the CubeSat world towards larger constellations for commercial purposes, propulsion systems are quickly becoming indispensable.

ThrustMe’s electric propulsion solution can provide the necessary thrust and high specific impulse for a broad range of missions at a fraction of the satellite mass and volume. ThrustMe’s first and smallest product, the NPT30 is ideally suited for MicroSats between 5 and 70 kilograms. Given the nature of both companies, this collaboration will allow them to benefit from each other’s experience, merging ISIS’ know-how in the field of missions and platform design, and subsystems development with ThrustMe’s revolutionary technology.

“ISIS has the right mix of experience and speed of execution. We are very excited to work together to allow their clients to benefit from our groundbreaking technology” says Ane Aanesland, ThrustMe CEO.


About NewSpace

Today, half of Earth’s population does not have access to internet, weather forecasts are too unpredictable to be exploited in commercial activities and imagery of the whole planet cannot be done in real time. New space actors want to tackle these issues using miniaturized satellites deployed in mega-constellations. These constellations distribute the risk over a large number of satellites, thus allowing the construction of cost-effective space infrastructures accessible for new commercial space actors. However, these new actors critically need efficient and miniaturized propulsion systems to increase the lifetime and mission control of the individual satellites once they are in space.


About ISIS

ISIS – Innovative Solutions In Space B.V., together with its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, is a leading company specializing in the Nano-Satellites market, inter alia, designing, manufacturing, marketing, selling, consulting, and providing launch services and support for CubeSats, Nanosatellites, and small satellites and the overall design, implementation and operation of networks of such satellites.

ISIS 6U cubesat
About ThrustMe

ThrustMe develops and commercializes a complete propulsion system based on a unique patented technology.  ThrustMe innovated in how propellant is stored, handled and accelerated, by combining ion thruster technologies with techniques used in the semiconductor industry for precision etching of materials. During its first year of existence, ThrustMe has raised 2.2 million euros and made successful direct thrust measurements of their revolutionary product.