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Small satellite launch services

Since 2007, ISIS has been carrying out numerous successful launch campaigns for small satellite through its launch services subsidiary Innovative Space Logistics (ISL) and it is one of the leading players in the small satellite launch business. To date, ISIS and ISL have executed or supported more than 12 launch campaigns on various launch vehicles, successfully sending 250 satellites into orbit.

The motto of our ISILaunch Services is to make the launch of your small satellite as simple and ‘easy’ as possible, for you. We can offer you a complete package deal, taking care of all aspects of the launch, or we can offer you a solution tailored to your specific needs.

ISL offers regular piggyback launch opportunities for small spacecraft, to low earth orbit on a variety of different launch vehicles. Different orbit types and specific launch periods may also available on request.

If you would like to receive a launch offer please send an email to or fill in the form.

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ISILaunch services include:

Launch acquisition and coordination

Coordination and negotiation of reservation of a suitable launch slot on one of the identified launch opportunities.

Full campaign management

Technical and programmatic management, including arrangement & coordination of the pre-launch deployer integration campaign.

Technical interface control

Arrangement and coordination of the technical interfaces, equipment and documentation required for launch acceptance.

Logistics coordination and support

Coordination of flight hardware logistics to the launch site and facilitating travel of personnel to and from integration facilities.

Launch deployer and interface hardware

Arrangement of launch adapter (slot)/separation system included. For CubeSats, ISIS deployment systems for 1U up to 16U available.

Launch vehicle integration

Final preparation campaign at the launch site, with final checkout of payloads and integration of payloads to the launch vehicle.

How it works

It is our goal to take away as much work from you as possible, to allow you to focus on the development of your satellite. Below you will find an overview of the process of getting to a launch contract.


Fill in the contact form below. Here we ask you to provide some elementary information about your satellite, which we will treat confidentially.


We will use this information to look for an opportunity that suits your needs. Upon your inquiry we will get in touch with you and guide you through the process.


Once your satellite is ready for launch ISL will arrange the logistics from your facility to ours for integration into its launch adapter.


The satellite is shipped to the launch site where we perform the integration of the satellite onto the launch vehicle.


Our mission ends when yours is launched and your satellite is delivered safely into orbit.

Satellite deployment systems

ISIS has developed great expertise and heritage in launch vehicle accomodation and various deployment systems for small satellites. The company offers a range of standardized CubeSat dispensers as well as customized solutions for non-CubeSat customers. In addition to our family of CubeSat deployers we have experience with working with third party microsat deployers as well. Should you look for a launch and you already have a deployer in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

View supported CubeSat sizes

Upcoming launches

Launch vehicle Launch period Orbit parameters Containerized Payload Capacity Microsatellite Capacity
Altitude Inclination 1U/2U/3U 6U/6UXL 12U 16U < 25 kg < 100 kg < 250 kg
USA Q1 2018 500-600 km SSO Ask Ask Ask Ask
Asian Q1 2018 500-550 km SSO
USA Q1 2018 450-550 km SSO Ask
Asian H1 2018 550-650 km SSO Ask Ask
Asian H1 2018 ~500 km SSO Ask
Asian H1 2018 GTO Ask Ask Ask
USA Q2 2018 ~500 km 55 incl. Ask
Asian Q2 2018 600-650 km SSO
Asian Q2 2018 450-500 km SSO
USA mid 2018 450-550 km SSO Ask
Asian mid 2018 900+ km 66 incl. Ask Ask Ask
Asian mid 2018 450-500 km 45 incl.
Asian Q3 2018 600-750 km SSO
Asian H2 2018 ~800 km SSO Ask Ask
European H2 2018 LTO Ask Ask
Asian H2 2018 450-500 km SSO
European Q4 2018 450-600 km SSO Ask Ask Ask
Asian Q4 2018 500-550 km SSO
Asian Q4 2018 ~650 km SSO Ask
Russian H2 2019 450-600 km SSO
European Q4 2019 500-700 km SSO Ask Ask Ask
European Q4 2019 450-600 km SSO Ask Ask Ask
European Q1 2020 500-700 km SSO Ask Ask
European mid 2020 LTO Ask Ask Ask
Russian H2 2020 500-700 km SSO
European Q2 2020 GTO Ask Ask

Past launch campaigns

Up to the present, ISL has executed or supported more than 10 launch campaigns on various launch vehicles, successfully sending 175 CubeSats and 1 microsatellite into orbit. Below you can find an overview of our launch campaigns.

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ISL heritage – facts & figures

ISL launch services takes pride in its manifest heritage. To date, since 2007, secondary launch missions on six different launch vehicles have been completed with success. Furthermore, several support activities for additional launches have been performed successfully.


launch success


launch campaigns

249 cubesats launched icon

cubesats launched


microsatellite launched

6 launch vehicles icon

different vehicles: Antares, Soyuz, PSLV, Dnepr, LM-2D, Vega

2 duopack icon

Duopack deployers

23 isipod icon

ISIPODs adapters launched

39 quadpack icon

QUADPACK adapters launched on ISL missions


ISIdeployers’ doors opened


deployer success rate

900+ kg

spacecraft mass launched