All the benefits of a dedicated space infrastructure provided in the form of a service model, where there is no need for large dedicated technical teams, and the service can be used based on a subscription plan, rather than investing in a project.
Satellite enabled services can greatly improve global operations and provide near real-time information to improve decision-making processes. Examples include dedicated communications systems on a global level, or independent monitoring of resources, assets, weather and climate.
12U 1u cubesat platform

Simplifying space

Owning and operating space infrastructure requires expert knowledge, dedicated teams and capital expenditures well before the results are tangible. This gap often creates a barrier in the adoption of innovative space systems in day-to-day operations even when small satellite innovations have drastically improved time-to-market and total cost of ownership. Our satellite-as-a-service concept provides all the benefits of a dedicated space infrastructure but without the hassle.


Our CubeSat solutions have been used for a wide variety of missions, from training the next generation of students to testing out new technologies in space, from atmospheric and climate research to ocean traffic monitoring. Customers for satellite missions include government agencies, research institutes, universities and commercial companies.

Earth observation

Ship tracking

Internet of Things

air traffic monitoring

Signal intelligence

Agricultural mapping

Air quality monitoring

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