Privacy policy

Last Updated on Monday, 02 January 2012

This Privacy Policy is intended to inform you about ISIS’s approach to personal data management with respect to the Website.

Data collected
When you will visit the Website, prior to logging in, ISIS’s web server will recognize your domain name. Furthermore, ISIS collects data such as: IP addresses, the time and date on which you have visited the Website, and which pages you were visiting.

We collect this information, using server logs, in order to monitor our prospective customers’ interest in the featured products. We may use this information strictly for marketing related purposes, and to improve and customize the Website.

We may use cookies (small data files which are automatically placed on your hard drive by the server) in order to improve the navigation within the Website. If you did not login to the Website you will remain unidentified. You may delete or block the cookies before they are stored, or otherwise allow their storage on your hard drive, all according to your discretion.

Information Collected when you Register and Login
When applicable, we will collect only the information you have submitted to us while registering to the Website and while you have logged in. We need the information in order to reply on questions you may have relating to the featured products and services, and to check the availability of such in your geographic location. In order to protect your privacy, we advise you to submit only the required information (marked with *), however, you may submit additional information according to your discretion. At any rate, we advice you to refrain from submitting any information which may be proprietary or confidential. ISIS does not consider the information you have submitted as confidential.

Disclosure of Information You have Submitted
We may disclose the information upon request of governmental authorities and courts, when the disclosure is required by any applicable law. When needed, we may disclose the information to our Contracting Parties in order to provide you with information you had requested or to process your order. Otherwise, ISIS will not disclose the information, sell or trade it.

External Links
ISIS included links to external websites for your convenience. Please be aware that ISIS does not operate nor has any control on such external websites (excluding websites which are owned by ISIS, such as: and any subsequent address related to which). Therefore, this Privacy Policy is not applicable to any linked website.

Policy Updates
ISIS may update or modify this Privacy Policy as part of its efforts to provide you with optimal service. Bellow you will find the date from which this Privacy Policy is applicable. We advise you to check this Privacy Policy from time to time, upon your visit to the Website, in order for you to be properly informed. ISIS will not inform you on any change to this Privacy Policy otherwise.

ISIS considers this Privacy Policy to be binding and applicable as of: January 1st, 2012.