Successful ISILAUNCH26 campaign on Vega VV16 flight

Andra GenteaNews

isilaunch launch campaign

This morning, Arianespace’s Vega rocket launch, VV16, successfully launched 7 microsatellites and 46 CubeSats into orbit. We are proud about the fact that out of these CubeSats, 34 were accommodated in ISISPACE deployers with support for integration by ISILAUNCH. Moreover, one of the particularities of this launch is the use of two iMDC sequencers developed by ISISPACE especially for this mission, that were responsible for the commanding and telemetry processing of all the deployers with CubeSats. Three of the CubeSats on this launch were designed and built by ISISPACE: SIMBA, DIDO-3, and NAPA-1.

SIMBA is a 3-unit CubeSat mission designed to measure the Total Solar Irradiance and Earth Radiation Budget climate variables with a miniaturized radiometer instrument. It is sponsored by European Space Agency (ESA) and led by the Royal Meteorological Institute Belgium (RMIB), with ISISPACE as the subcontractor responsible for the design and delivery of the platform in which the miniaturized radiometer instrument built by the Royal Meteorological Institute Belgium, and the ADCS subsystem developed by KU Leuven University, are integrated. ISISPACE will also perform commissioning and mission operations of the satellite after launch on the consortium’s behalf.

DIDO-3 is a CubeSat with the objective to study the effect of microgravity and low fluid shear with four different experiments on biological material. The payload is a miniaturized medical laboratory provided by the customer, SpacePharma, which provides end-to-end microgravity services enabling research in the field of medical drugs development in Space.

NAPA-1, meaning Firmament-1 in the Thai language, is the first Earth Observation CubeSat of the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF). ISISPACE has designed, built, and tested the satellite platform and ground segment, and will deliver the satellite “in orbit” to the RTAF after commissioning. 

This ISILAUNCH26 campaign brings the ISILAUNCH’s track record of involvement in successfully bringing satellites to orbit to an incredible 414! We are grateful for our customers to launch with us.

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