ISISPACE Group announces the success of ISILAUNCH36 mission with 66 payloads deployed


Credits: SpaceX

Cape Canaveral, Florida – 18th January 2022 – ISISPACE Group announces the ISILAUNCH36 mission success by confirming the 66 payloads manifested by the team were successfully deployed during the SpaceX Transporter-3 rideshare mission. The launch happened last Thursday, 13th January, at UTC 15:25 (AMS 16:25), from the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station (CCSFS), located in Florida.

Out of a total of 105 small satellites on board, 65 CubeSats were accommodated through ISILAUNCH in 17 ISISPACE QuadPacks, and a 160 kg microsat was occupying a dedicated port on board Falcon 9, all deployed into a Sun-Synchronous Orbit of 525 kilometers.

For the design and manufacturing of a customized “Multi-Functional Adapter Module” (MFAM) to accommodate the Ukrainian 160 kg Sich-2-30 microsat, ISISPACE has partnered with SkyEnergy LLC, also from Ukraine. SkyEnergy has also delivered the two “MultiPack Adapter Plates” (MPAPs) through which the 17 QuadPacks were integrated on their respective ports.

“We are very pleased with another very successful mission on a Falcon 9 Rideshare mission, significantly adding to our heritage being responsible for the majority of the payloads on board the mission once again”, said Abe Bonnema, Director of ISILAUNCH and ISISPACE, continuing: “We are grateful for the trust our customers have put in us to accommodate their satellites on this launch, and can only be proud to see so many customer returning to us for launch services.”

Some background of the satellites placed on board this mission:

MDASat1 satellites are three 2U built and designed for ISISPACE customer, the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT). Designed and built by CPUT, they will provide security and control of maritime data to support South African Marine Domain Awareness international maritime communications.

This is the Sich-2-30, a MicroSat built and designed by Yuzhnoye State Design Office and mission-managed by ISILAUNCH. It will provide high-resolution imaging data to monitor natural resources and support agriculture.

The Tevels are a total of eight 1U CubeSats designed by ISISPACE on behalf of the Herzliya Science Center from Tel Aviv University, who also integrated them. These satellites are intended for educational purposes.

These four 6U satellites, named Kepler-16, -17, -18, and -19, will contribute to the constellation of Kepler. This spacecraft, designed for a 3-5 year lifetime, will provide data transfer services to in-space assets, earth-based fixed locations, earth-based mobile assets, and IoT systems distributed across the globe with the Global Data Service (GDS) and EverywhereIOT services distributed across the globe.

The IRIS-A is a 2U satellite intended for demonstrating IoT communication technology in space. It was designed and built by the faculties and students from the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) and other Taiwan company.


Another 44 SuperDove satellites (3U) -Flock 4x from Planet were launched during the mission. These platforms were designed and built by that company to provide Earth Observation data.

A total of three 6Us, called LEMUR-2-DJIRANG, LEMUR-2-MIRIWARI and Ororatech, were built and designed by Spire to be used for RF-based data collection. The 3Us, named LEMUR-2, are part of a multi-mission remote sensing platform hosting SDR-based payloads.

About ISISPACE Group

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