ISIS 11th anniversary

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On the 6th of January 2006 ISIS was founded and made the national news. Today, ISIS turns 11 years old and it is one of the leading companies in the small satellite field.

2016 in review

10 years in space

We can look back on a great year in which we celebrated our 10 year anniversary and continued to build out our company to even better serve our customers and partners. Although we are no longer a startup we do aim to maintain the dynamics and family-like coherence in the company for the next decade of our activities as well. We remain dedicated to serve the small satellite community and as such we will need to evolve and develop our company just as the small sat market keeps on evolving and growing.

We are looking back on a great decade in the CubeSat market, and are even more exited about the decade ahead of us!

Licensed to operate

Following an amendment to the Dutch Space Act of 2007 to also cover satellite that do not carry orbit control capability, ISIS is very proud that in 2016 we’ve managed to obtain our spacecraft operating license from the Dutch Government as the second company in the Netherlands to be licensed. We currently operate TRITON-1 and start operating the PEASSS spacecraft early 2017.





CubeSat Products

  • We have achieved flight heritage on 5 of our products in 2016
  • We have added 4 new products to our CubeSat product lines after successful qualification
  • We have relaunched the standard CubeSat parts portal CubeSatShop and have added 5 new vendors to the platform.

Antenna Systems delivered


CubeSat structures delivered


Ground stations installed


CubeSat deployers delivered

logo ISL

Launch services

  • We launched 12 3U satellites on a PSLV
  • We launched a 6U satellite on an LM-2D
  • We prepared for 6 ISILaunch Campaigns
  • We served 22 different nations
  • We had a peak of 143 sats in our clean room
  • We integrated 182 satellites for launch

Upcoming launches

  • ISL17 on PSLV in February 2017
  • ISL11 on Soyuz in February/March 2017
  • ISL09 on Falcon 9 in 2nd Quarter 2017
  • ISL18 on Electron in 2nd Quarter 2017
  • ISL19 on PSLV in 2nd Quarter 2017

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CubeSat Missions and Solutions

  • We delivered 7 satellite platforms ready for launch 2017
  • Nayif-1





    peasss 3U cubesat

    DIDO series


    QB50 2U


  • Platforms to be completed in 2017
    • DIDO series microgravity satellites
    • JY1SAT Radio Amateur satellite
    • JAISAT Radio Amateur satellite

International Cooperation

Of course space is an international business and in the past decade with have established many successful and rewarding interntional cooperation and last year was no different. We have continued to work together with our partners in various activities and projects:

  • ISIS and Kubos together launched an initiative to bring a Linux based software solution to our line of onboard computers.
  • Radboud University, ASTRON and ISIS are building a low frequency radio payload to realize the first steps towards a lunar orbiting low frequency radio telescope.
  • ISIS welcomed the majority of the EU PF7 QB50 project teams in our cleanroom in Delft to the final delivery of their spacecraft for a launch in 2017.

into 2017

ISIS CubeSat LEGO® kit


Working for 10 years on modular spacecraft has led us to often compare our satellite approach to the iconic LEGO® sets. For our 10th anniversary we have created a 3-Unit CubeSat LEGO® model (and managed to build 60 spacecraft models in 1 day out of these brilliant bricks). In 2017 we give each customer this ISIS CubeSat LEGO® kit with your first purchase!

See you soon!

ISIS will be present at many events such as conferences, tradeshows and workshops and we hope to see you there.

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