iMDC deployment sequencers for VEGA SSMS mission
  • Design of customized interface of the iMDC sequencers to the VEGA LV (ESA/Avio requirements)
  • Updating deployer interface to support not only the ISIS deployers (Quadpack and ISIPOD), but also deployers from Astrofein and Tyvak
  • Customised EGSE and procedures
  • End to end testing and hardware in the loop testing at Avio premises.
  • Production and Qualification testing of QM model to ESA/Avio standards
  • Production and Acceptance testing of 2 FM model to ESA/Avio standards
  • Documentation pack to ESA/Avio standards
  • Support of Launch campaign in three distinct rounds
imdc ssms
Customer: ESA/Avio
Start date: October 2018
Hardware delivery: EM/QM 2019/5, FM Delivery 2020/02
Launch date: September 2020