GNSS Patch Antenna

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  • Frequency range: 1575 MHz (GPS-L1)
  • Lightweight solution <16g
  • Supplied with CubeSat compatible mounting plate
  • Antenna gain up to 5.5 dBi
  • Signal gain up to 34.5 dB
  • SAW filters
  • Single straight MMCX connector for both power and RF lines
  • RHCP polarization
  • Power supply between 3-5V
  • Powered consumption 3.5 V @ 9 mA
  • IPC-A-610 Class 3 assembly

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The GNSS Patch Antenna is a compact, low mass active antenna, designed for GPS-L1. This passive antenna is suitable for providing CubeSat platforms with precise positioning and is compatible with the ISIS structures. The antenna is mounted onto a Rogers PCB, ideal for high-frequency RF circuitry ensuring fewer losses than traditional FR-4 PCBS.