Three satellites build, designed and integrated by ISISPACE will be launched during the upcoming mission WILD RIDE from D-Orbit


Napa 2 Ghalib W-Cube

In June 2021, D-orbit will launch its satellite platform carrying six satellites and three payloads from eleven different nationalities. The mission, which will start on a 500 km Sun synchronous orbit (SSO), will go through four phases: satellite deployment, in-orbit demonstration of the payloads hosted onboard, testing of D-Orbit’s services, and decommissioning. During the deployment phase, ION will deploy each satellite into a distinct orbit. The release of the six satellites onboard will follow a highly customized plan that defines the moment of release, and the direction and speed of ejection of each spacecraft.

On board, under contract with ISILAUNCH and integrated into a QuadPack from Dutch satellite manufacturer ISISPACE, are W-Cube from Finnish Reaktor Space, a 3U satellite designed to demonstrate the feasibility of using new higher frequency bands for future telecom satellites, Ghalib from Marshall Intech Technology from United Arab Emirates (UAE), a 2U satellite designed for space-based tracking of falcon bird migration, and Napa-2 for the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF), planned to enhance the monitoring and response to natural disasters, including fires, floods, earthquakes, and landslides.

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