SpaceTime Enterprises Delivers Letter of Intent to ISIS for Two Nanosatellite Platforms

Andra GenteaNews

SpaceTime Enterprises and ISIS have today signed a Letter of Intent for two nanosatellite platforms for the SpaceTime First Generation Satellite System.

ISIS SpaceTime

SpaceTime Enterprises will launch multiple satellites into low Earth orbit, capturing and broadcasting live, real-time immersive video of the entire Earth, to deliver a view unlike anything currently in existence. Utilising VR, AR and traditional technologies, consumers, students, ecologists, scientists, news media, businesses and others, will be able to experience and utilize this unique perspective of Earth – one previously only available to astronauts – free of the risks and prohibitive financial barriers of consumer space travel.  SpaceTime Enterprises is a joint Venture between the experienced small satellite veterans at In-Space Missions and the world-class immersive content studio REWIND.

“Realtime video is proving to be the final frontier of Earth observation”, said Doug Liddle co-founder and CEO of SpaceTime Enterprises.  “We’ve selected ISIS as our delivery partners because of their strong heritage and ability to meet the exceptional technical challenges of the SpaceTime service.”

SpaceTime Enterprises received extensive coverage in the press earlier this year and caught the imagination of consumers and media outlets.  The First Generation Satellite System will launch in Q4 2019 and will establish the SpaceTime commercial service and deliver significant revenues prior to the launch of future generations of satellites.

Jeroen Rotteveel, CEO of ISIS, said: “We are delighted to be working with SpaceTime Enterprises and are excited to be delivering their first generation of satellites”.

SpaceTime Enterprises has already raised £2.5m of conditional funding and now provides an exciting opportunity for investors to join them on the journey to bring this unique service into being.

In-Space Missions (SpaceTime JV Partners) and ISIS are both exhibitors at the Small Satellite Conference in Utah and welcome both commercial and media inquiries at their Booths:

In-Space: Booth #138

ISIS: Booth #1 & 2

About ISIS:

ISIS – Innovative Solutions In Space BV is a vertically integrated small satellite company, focused on providing high value, cost-effective space solutions by making use of the latest innovative small satellite technologies. As one of the leading companies in the nanosatellite domain, ISIS offers turnkey space solutions including contract research, innovative small satellite parts, and platforms as well as launch services and operation of small space systems.

About SpaceTime Enterprises

SpaceTime Enterprises was formed in 2017 as a Joint Venture between In-Space Missions and REWIND.  SpaceTime Enterprises will service a wide range of applications via its real-time and archive video service.  The SpaceTime service will be delivered via VR/AR immersive technology and as a 2D feed to a range of consumers and businesses.