ISISPACE selected to develop 12-Unit CubeSat platform for emerging Quantum Key Distribution mission


SPEQTRE 12U cubesat mission

Delft, March 4, 2021 – ISISPACE has been selected by Science and Technology Facilities Council’s  RAL Space, to provide a 12-Unit CubeSat platform to support the SPEQTRE mission. This project sets out to build and fly a satellite Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) testbed that will use pioneering QKD technology to test the secure distribution of cryptographic keys over globe-spanning distances.

SPEQTRE 12U cubesat mission
Figure 1 – Render image of the 12U platform.

Our team will be working in close cooperation with RAL Space to develop the satellite platform, responsible for establishing the optical link needed for beaming QKD bi-directional signals. ISISPACE will be in charge of the design, integration and testing of both the platform and software and will support RAL Space with the payload integration.

“As a Dutch company, we are proud to have received RAL Space’s trust in this project and being part of this emerging quantum technology development. Regarding its promising impact on data security improvement, we are pleased to provide our 12U platform, equipped with the latest generation subsystems and instruments, specially developed for this range of demanding and challenging missions. We look forward to supporting the SPEQTRE team in achieving all their targets, resorting to our 15 years of experience and heritage in turn-key satellite solutions to customers all over the globe. This project is an excellent basis for possible further cooperation in this exciting field of space technology”, highlights Jeroen Rotteveel, founder and CEO at ISISPACE.

About STFC RAL Space

RAL Space, based at the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, carries out an exciting range of world-class space research and technology development. It has had significant involvement in over 200 space missions and is at the forefront of UK space research.


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