ISIS 12th anniversary

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Today, we celebrate the 12th anniversary of ISIS – Innovative Solutions In Space. Of those 12 years, the last year, 2017, surely has been a great and busy one again; we can proudly look back at a record-breaking CubeSat launch, at gaining significantly more flight heritage on many of our components, at initiation a number of very ambitious missions, and of course at growing the ISIS family to the 90+ members we are today.

Some highlights of 2017:

CubeSat products

  • We have achieved flight heritage (and demonstration) of our iMTQv2, TXS and EPS
  • We have added 6 new vendors on CubeSatShop



DuoPacks delivered


QuadPacks delivered


iMDCs installed


Ground stations sold/installed

Launch services

  • We launched 124 satellites with PSLV
  • We launched 50 satellites on a Soyuz
  • We prepared for 5 ISILaunch Campaigns
  • We launched satellites for 15 nations
  • We placed 43 deployers on launch vehicles
  • We set a world record with 101 CubeSats in a single launch
  • We reached the stunning number of 250 satellites launched through ISL

Upcoming launches

  • ISL21 on PSLV in January 2018
  • ISL22 on LM-11 in January 2018
  • ISL23 on PSLV from May 2018
  • ISL20 on Falcon 9 from June 2018
  • and a few more to be disclosed soon

ISILaunch17 – recordbreaking PSLV launch

  • World record with 101 CubeSats in a single launch

ISL17 logo

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Missions & platforms

  • We launched and supported operations of 3 full missions:
    • Nayif-1
    • PEASSS
    • DIDO-2
  • We prepared the following platforms for launch:
    • JY1SAT
    • PicSat
    • QB50-BE06
  • We are working on the following new missions for launch from 2018:
    • SIMBA
    • JAISAT-1
    • Hiber-1
    • Duchifat-3
    • BRIK-II
    • Hiber-2

Cooperation and Training

  • cooperation with Kubos
  • training of the Royal Thai Air Force
  • on-site training in Jordan
  • on-site training of Masdar in Abu Dhabi
  • on-site training in Algeria
  • TU Delft cooperation on groundstation network

First jordanian satellite – JY1SAT

During the final satellite integration training for Jordan’s first satellite, JY1-SAT, given to students of the Masar Initiative at the Jordan University of Science and Technology as part of the JY1-SAT mission support and training program under the Crown Prince Foundation given by ISIS – Innovative Solutions In Space and AMSAT UK and AMSAT Netherlands, the team was supported for the final stages of integration by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II.

JY1SAT integration Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II

JY1SAT integration Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II

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