ISIS 3U Cubesat

Flight proven, cost-effective platforms

The ISIS CubeSat bus is a flight proven, cost-effective platform with a reduced time-to orbit that meets the performance required for a wide range of nanosatellite based applications; from satellite-based AIS ship tracking and Earth observation to astronomy and life sciences. The ISIS platform is delivered pre-integrated. As every mission is one-of-a-kind and therefore, we have focused on a CubeSat bus design that enables the right balance between flexibility, compatibility, and reliability, allowing your team to focus in the mission and payload reducing your total time-to-orbit.

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Bus components

Basic Bus Subsystems

ISIS Structure
ISIS Antenna Subsystem
ISIS EPS and Battery Pack
ISIS VHF/UHF Transceiver
ISIS On Board Computer
ISIS Magnetorquer Board
ISIS Solar Panels

Advanced Bus Subsystems

ISIS S-Band Transmitter
S-Band Patch Antenna
Reaction Wheels
Star Tracker
ISIS Deployable Solar Panels


ISIS Subsystems interface library
ISIS Mission Support Library
Flight software upon request

3U platform resources

Basic Bus

Advanced Bus

Volume available 2U 1.5U
Mass available 4kg from 4kg
Pointing accuracy 10° (in sunlight) 5° (whole orbit)
Main control bus I2C I2C
Payload interfaces I2C/SPI/UART I2C/SPI/UART/CAN
Storage Up to 64GB Up to 64GB
Average payload power Up to 2W Up to 5W
TT&C uplink 1.2kbps (VHF) 9.6kbps (VHF)
TT&C downlink 9.6kbps (UHF) 9.6kbps (UHF)
Payload data downlink 9.6kbps (UHF) 3.4Mbps (S-band)

Other options are available upon request.


Ship tracking Triton ship tracking


  • ISIS AIS Receiver
  • Low power consumption <2W
  • Flight heritage since 2013


Bus configuration:

  • Basic Bus and Advanced Bus compatible
  • Software available upon request

Earth Observation Gaia earth observation


  • Visible/ Multispectral images
  • GSD: 30m
  • Flight heritage since 2017


Bus configuration:

  • Advanced Bus compatible
  • Software available upon request

Additional services

ground station icon

Ground stations


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Launch services



Commissioning and operations support