If your mission requires a specific implementation for which no solutions exist in the market, our development team is available to develop your specific implementation in hardware or software.

custom nanosatellite solar panels

Tailor-made solutions

With our integrated assembly, integration and verification capability, we offer fully custom solutions including the manufacturing of customized mechanical parts, electronics assemblies, and more complex, multidisciplinary flight hardware such as deployable solar arrays. Our services are available for one-off builds such as scientific instruments and payload interface units or for scale production.

This includes spacecraft avionics, launch and ground equipment, as well as (scientific) payloads for specific missions including software-defined radios and low-frequency radio receivers and payload control electronics. Together with our extensive network of partners, we can also offer customized optical payloads.

Modified COTS

Building on our qualified components and elements, we can modify existing designs for special purpose fits. Taking advantage of the modular design philosophy to adapt the sizing, operating constraints, technical compliance and environmental survivability of subsystem and platform/bus elements.

Modular Electrical Power System battery packs

RF Engineering

A key strength in Antenna and RF PCB design expertise for telemetry, tracking and command. With additional development towards navigation, communication and software defined radio solutions.

Electronics Design

Leveraging commercial microelectronics and advancements in semiconductor technologies for reliable and efficient electronics design. The backbone of our technology stack, in combination with electromechanics and mechanisms.

Mechanism Design

Satellite and deployer mechanisms are a speciality within our company, we build hundreds of such mechanisms for satellites and launch interface hardware every year.



Control electronics for the optical calibration system developed by TNO for an instrument of BISME in China

  • Customised Electronic design of redundant control system for moving a dual redundant stepper motor and controlling the current and thermal environment of a laser.
  • Customised EGSE and procedures
  • Customised electronic Packaging
  • Production and Qualification testing of the QM model to TNO standards
  • Production and Acceptance testing of the FM model to TNO standards
  • Documentation pack to TNO standards
CEM project


iMDC deployment sequencers for VEGA SSMS mission

  • Design of customized interface of the iMDC sequencers to the VEGA LV (ESA/Avio requirements)
  • Updating deployer interface to support not only the ISIS deployers (Quadpack and ISIPOD), but also deployers from Astrofein and Tyvak
  • Customised EGSE and procedures
  • End to end testing and hardware in the loop testing at Avio premises.
  • Production and Qualification testing of QM model to ESA/Avio standards
  • Production and Acceptance testing of 2 FM model to ESA/Avio standards
  • Documentation pack to ESA/Avio standards
imdc ssms


Three 5-meter long monopole antennas sensitive in the 80 kHz – 80 MHz radiofrequency range

The NCLE instrument consists of three 5-meter long monopole antennas that it is mounted on the Chang’e 4 satellite, and it is sensitive in the 80 kHz – 80 MHz radiofrequency range. The instrument is designed to address a multitude of high-profile science cases, but predominantly NCLE will open up the low-frequency regime for radio astronomy and will prepare for the ground-breaking observations of the 21-cm line emission from the Dark Ages and the Cosmic Dawn, considered to be the holy grail of cosmology.


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