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1U CubeSat Platform

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The 1U Cubesat Platform integrates reliable, off-the-shelf subsystems with successful flight heritage into our most compact form factor. Providing reliable performance at at a low cost, it supports academic projects, in-orbit demonstration missions and radio experiments. With the 1-Unit platform delivering the power, structures, antennas, communications and on-board computer, your team can focus their efforts on payload development and operations.


  • Resources
  • Platform rendering
  • Bus subsystems
  • Ground support equipment
  • Software


Payload Volume 0.4U
Payload Average Power 400mW
Peak Power Generation 2W
Pointing Accuracy Detumbling
TT&C (VHF/UHF) 9.6kbps up and downlink
Payload Data Downlink 9.6kbps (UHF)
Data bus I2C/RS-232
Storage 2 x 2GB


Mechanical GSE

Electrical GSE

Radio GSE