This mission is comprised of two satellites: QB50p1 and QB50p2

After deployment from the Quadpack, the satellite will be transmitting its CW beacon.

Contact information / reception reports

To get in touch with the operations team, please use the following e-mail address:

We would appreciate receiving reception reports or recordings of the downlink signal, please include the following information in your report:

  • Name and callsign
  • Location or Maidenhead grid-square locator
  • Date and time of reception (UTC)
  • The frequency at which you have received a QB50 precursor satellite
  • Which of the two satellite you think you have heard
  • Satellite transmission mode (indicate whether you have received a CW beacon or AX.25 beacon or both)

We will also be present in the #cubesat channel on the Freenode IRC network (

To upload data received from either satellite, please go to For any questions regarding this upload page please contact

Satellite downlink overview

  • QB50p1 downlink frequency: 145.815 MHz
  • QB50p2 downlink frequency: 145.880 MHz
  • Satellite antenna polarization: linear

CW / Morse beacon

  • Modulation: CW / Morse code
  • Speed: 15 words per minute
  • Beacon interval: 45 seconds
  • Beacon length: approx. 12 seconds
CW beacon content 
  • ID: character to determine satellite ID
  • X: character in the range A-Z
  • Y: character in the range A-Z or number in the range 0-9

You can use the CW beacon content decoder to translate the CW beacon characters to engineering values.

AX.25 beacon

  • Modulation: Binary Phase Shift Keying (BPSK)
  • Nominal data rate: 1200 bps (2400bps, 4800bps, 9600bps are possible upon ground command)
  • Protocol: AX.25 UI frames
  • Enoding: NRZI
  • Beacon interval: 10 seconds
  • QB50p1 AX.25 callsigns:
    • FROM: QB50P1-0
    • TO: QB50P1-0
  • QB50p2 AX.25 callsigns:
    • FROM: QB50P2-0
    • TO: QB50P2-0

You can use the AX.25 beacon content decoder to translate the nominal mode beacon content to engineering values. Please note that the a beacon consists of two AX.25 frames, both of which are defined in the content decoder.

Transponder information

The transponders will be activated after main mission completion


QB50p1 carries the FUNcube-3 400 mW inverting linear 435/145 MHz transponder provided by AMSAT-NL with support from AMSAT-UK.

  • Uplink: 435.035-435.065 MHz LSB
  • Downlink: 145.935-145.965 MHz USB


QB50p2 carries a 435/145 MHz FM transponder and FX25 data transmitter from AMSAT-Francophone.

  • Uplink: To be announced
  • Downlink: 145.840 MHz 9600 bps FSK FX25