General information

Innovative Solutions In Space was founded in 2006 and it is one of the leading companies in the small satellite market.

What we do

ISIS – Innovative Solutions In Space was founded on January 6th, 2006 as a spin-off from the Delfi-C3 nanosatellite project from Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands and it’s one of the leading companies in the fast growing small satellite market. The company is vertically integrated and combines research and development, testing, launch services, and operation of small space systems in a single organization. This allows ISIS to provide the right solution for every customer, from subsystems to full turn-key missions and custom solutions.

ISIS operates globally and serves a variety of customers in accomplishing their projects and space missions. Our main site is in Delft in the Netherlands, while we also have an office in Somerset West in South Africa. ISIS works closely together with technology partners, suppliers and space companies from the Netherlands, South Africa, and elsewhere in the world.

Our focus is primarily on solutions involving satellite systems in the range of 1 to 30 kilograms, although sometimes we use our expertise in this field in other domains. This can be in the area of microsatellites, miniaturized payload systems, and miniaturized satellite components as well as specialized product areas such as hold-down and release systems.

ISIS employs over 80 specialist employees all of which have a background in space technology and engineering.

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years in space

6 Jan 2006 to date


Cubesat products available

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Satellites launched

13 launches from 5 launch sites

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Core competencies

space systems engineering

Space systems engineering

At the core of our companies lies a systems approach to space engineering, founded in a solid background in space systems engineering practices. Our space systems engineering approach is used across all our activities and is even offered to our customers as part of training.

multidisciplinary team

Multidisciplinary teamwork

ISIS’ team is consists of both generalists and specialists from all relevant space engineering disciplines. We believe that such a multidisciplinary team is essential for providing turnkey solutions to our customers.

End-to-end capability

End-to-end space systems capability

ISIS started out in 2006 to provide turn-key small satellite solutions and this is still at the heart of the company. We support customers in all the phases of a satellite mission from defining objectives and mission design to satellite manufacturing and satellite launch and operations.

miniaturized systems

Miniaturized systems

Systems miniaturization and design for small form factor and low power consumption have been a key innovation driver in space for years. In ISIS' field of nanosatellites this is even more important and as a result, ISIS has a wealth of knowledge and experience on this topic.

deployable systems

Deployable systems and mechanisms

Mechanisms, deployables structures, and release systems have become something of a specialty within our company over the past years and we build hundreds of such systems for satellites and launch interface hardware every year.

Vision & Mission


It is our mission to provide cost-effective space systems and turn-key missions by using nanosatellites and small microsatellites. ISIS aims to establish itself as the leading industrial player in this field with a de-facto nanosatellite factory to serve the growing needs for rapid turnaround, cost-effective solutions.


We foresee the space sector to move towards the next phase of industrialization in the coming decade, from a pioneering stage into a mature market where building, designing, operating space infrastructure, and providing space-enabled services is an integral part of the world's high-tech and data centric industry.


ISIS is committed to innovation and will continue to challenge any status quo in the space sector. We believe that providing open communication and a team that is pro-active and empowered are essential to our success. We are committed to excellence in our technical products and in serving our customers.