Communication systems

The ISIS UHF/VHF transceivers are full duplex communication systems for CubeSat TT&C applications. The two variants of this product are TRXUV (UHF uplink/VHF downlink) and TRXVU (VHF uplink/UHF downlink). Both radios can operate in commercial and amateur bands of the VHF/UHF frequency spectrum and are low power, low mass, and highly configurable, offering the flexibility of changing data rates and frequencies in flight. Both the TRXUV and the TRXVU are flight proven since 2012 and 2016 respectively, with over 75 units delivered.
The ISIS High Data-rate S-band Transmitter is a CubeSat compatible Transmitter designed to meet the needs of high data-rate downlinks of up to 3.4 Mbps.