Vibration testing

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ISIS’ environmental test facilities are optimized for the flight acceptance and qualification of satellites smaller than 30 kilograms. These facilities are available as a service to third parties as well, for instance as an add-on to a small satellite launch contract.
ISIS has extensive experience in vibration testing of nanosatellite flight hardware and is performing vibration tests on a weekly basis to support our launch services and satellite mission activities. As we provide launches on a broad range of launch vehicles we have been able to perform qualification or acceptance level testing for most commonly available launchers.

For the CubeSat market, ISIS carries a range of test-Jigs (Test-PODs) to interface the CubeSat to the vibration test equipment while providing flight representative interfaces and load paths to the satellite. The Test-PODs are available for sale or for rent (when performing the tests yourself) or are used as part of the test service.

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