Integration Jig for 1-Unit CubeSat Stacks

Price on request

  • Provides an ‘extra hand’ during the integration of CubeSats
  • Reduction of damage to satellite system during handling
  • The jigs are equipped with rubber stand-off for electrical isolation
  • 2x mounting interface for ESD cable
  • Support jig for integration of ISIS CubeSat structure stacks
  • Provides a steady base for integration of PCBs onto the CubeSat ribs
  • POM covers to prevent damage of structure parts
  • ESD protection of structure through fasteners & mounting bracket
  • A perfect solution to create a bench satellite setup of your engineering model

Availability: 2-4 weeks



The stack integration jig for 1U CubeSat Stacks enables you to easily integrate and access your CubeSat board stacks in a safe and convenient way. ISIS CubeSat Structures are built up around 1-Unit sized stacks of printed circuit boards or other systems on top of the load-carrying ribs of the CubeSat Structure. These stacks can be integrated in parallel without the primary load-carrying structure or the side shear panels obstructing access to your systems.

Using the stack integration jig, it is possible to safely and easily assemble your 1-Unit, while allowing for electrical grounding of the entire stack.

For 1-Unit CubeSats, this stack also allows you to integrate the rest of the CubeSat Structural parts while mounted in this integration jig. For larger CubeSats, a dedicated integration jig is available.