Modular EPS Development Bundle

8,250 4,950

  • Give your satellite mission the distribution power to succeed right from the start
  • Ideal to start developing hardware and software fast on your standalone setup
  • Finalize system design with this unit, then select the power configuration you need



EM Power Distribution Unit

  • 1x Permanent channel for each voltage domain (12.8V-16.0V,5V,3V)
  • 3x Switchable channels for each voltage domain
  • Max current of 4A (continuous) and 6A (peak) for each voltage domain
  • Over-current and reverse-current protection in hardware
  • Over-voltage protection through TVS diodes and short circuit protection
  • Turn on voltage ramp control (soft start)
  • Software configurable auto enable and latch-off retry enable timings


  • Power supply and UART data interface
  • Satellite power switch

Availability: 8 weeks

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