Mission support package


The Mission Support library contains the following modules:

  • Log – A logging module for sequentially storing and retrieving any kind of fixed size data, such as telemetry or errors. This module can be configured to use volatile or non-volatile memory only or a combination thereof and the amount of data stored in each of these memories. Multiple logs can exist at the same time and data from a log can be retrieved by multiple tasks at the same time.
  • Parameter Database – A module to quickly and reliably store and retrieve parameters, e.g. flags or values that can be used for configuration of the software running on the ISIS OBC. The parameters are stored in non-volatile storage so their values are persistent between reboots but this module has the ability to make non-persistent changes, e.g. for testing purposes.
  • Persistent List – This module allows for the creation and manipulation of a list of items with an arbitrary, but fixed, size, and has the ability to handle multiple of these lists simultaneously. These lists are stored in non-volatile memory and are therefore persistent between reboots.
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