Integration Jig Set for a 1-Unit CubeSat


This integration jig set consists out of a 1-Unit stack integration jig and a vertical support jig.

  • Provides an ‘extra hand’ during the integration of CubeSats
  • Reduction of damage to satellite system during handling
  • Compliant with latest CubeSat standards
  • The jigs are equipped with rubber stand-off for electrical isolation
  • 2 x mounting interface for ESD cable
  • Segmented rails for quick adaptability betweem different CubeSat sizes
  • Used for mounting ISIS CubeSat Structure stacks to the structure side-frames
  • POM mounting rails & clamps to prevent damage to structure
  • ESD protection of structure through additional ESD cable

Availability: 2-4 weeks


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1-Unit stack integration jig

The 1-Unit stack integration jig enables you to easily integrate and access your CubeSat board stacks in a safe and convenient way. ISIS CubeSat Structures are built up around 1-Unit sized stacks of printed circuit boards or other systems on top of the load carrying ribs of the CubeSat Structure. These stacks can be integrated in parallel without the primary loadcarrying structure or the side shearpanels obstructing access to your systems.

Using the stack integration jig, it is possible to safely and easily assemble your 1-Unit stacks, while allowing for electrical grounding of the entire stack.

For 1-Unit CubeSats, this stack also allows you to integrated the rest of the CubeSat Structural parts while mounted in this integration jig. For larger CubeSats, a dedicated integration jig is available.

Vertical support jig

The vertical support jig enables you to work on your CubeSat in safe and convenient way. The jig provides a stable base in which the CubeSat can be mounted in multiple positions, while maintaining maximum accessibility to the spacecraft components.

The jig prevents accidental tip-over of the spacecraft and provides a grounding interface for both the jig and the spacecraft.

The support jig also prevent a measure for grounding the spacecraft during handling and test.

Product Properties

  • Material: Aluminum, POM (Polyoxymethylene)