Custom Solar Panels for CubeSats and Nanosats

Price on request

  • GaAs Triple-junction solar cells from AZUR Space
  • Body mounted on ISIS Aluminium or Carbon panels
  • Includes Coarse sun sensors and temperature sensors
  • Designed for LEO missions and requirements
  • Harnessing included
  • Manufactured according to space standards
    • ECSS-E-20-08
    • MIL-PRF-13830
  • Crack and flash tests provided with characterisation
  • Discounts for complete CubeSats solar panels sets
  • Applications
    • 1U/2U/3U CubeSats
    • 6U/12U/24U Nano satellites


  • Description
  • Product properties
  • Qualification and Acceptance Testing
  • Performance
  • Compatibility


ISIS offers customized CubeSat solar panels and arrays for standardized prices. As most satellite missions are special, ISIS offers a solar panel solution that takes into account accommodations for sensors, apertures, etc. Our innovative design with an aluminum substrate with a flex-PCB overlay for the cells allows for most mission-specific customization without additional non-recurring engineering charges. ISIS provides high-performance solar panels and arrays across a wide range of sizes. Body mounted panels and deployable arrays are supported for 1U to 12U sizes. Our expertise allows us to carry out custom work from concept design to production to meet your needs and requirements.

Product Properties

  • Mass (exact mass depends on configuration)
    • 1U: 50g
    • 2U: 100g
    • 3U: 150g
    • 6U: 300g
  • Panel Thickness:
    • Top/Bottom: 1.8 mm
    • Side Panel: 2.5 mm
  • Cover Glass: QioptiQ
  • Interconnector: Invar Silver plated
  • Interfaces:
    • Omnetics A25000 inline 8 pin connector
    • Raychem Spec44 cables (AWG26)
    • Harness included
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to +125°C
  • Radiation Tolerance: 2 years minimum in LEO

Qualification and Acceptance Testing

  • All panels are provided with tests reports regarding:
    • Continuity isolation between cells and substrate
    • Identification of solar cells cracks by thermo luminescence
    • I-V measurement by flasher test
Mechanical Shock
Thermal Cycling
Thermal Vacuum
Total Ionizing Dose **
Continuity Isolation
Flasher Test
Solar cells Cracks

QT is performed on the design qualification model
AT is performed on the unit to be shipped
** Test performed on space qualified solar cells only


  • Power Delivered:
    • 1U: 2.3 W
    • 2U: 4.6 W
    • 3U: 6.9 W
    • 6U: 17 W
  • Supply Voltage: 3V (5V and 8V on demand)
  • Cell Material: GaAs
  • Cell Efficiency: 30%