Date of launch: 15 February 2017

Launch vehicle: PSLV

Number of CubeSats: 101

During the ISILaunch17 launch campaign, ISISpace engineers were responsible for the integration of the 101 CubeSats onto the PSLV launch vehicle, using satellite deployer systems and sequencing electronics developed in Delft. In the last couple of weeks an ISISpace team took care of the final integration of all hardware on the launch vehicle at the launch site in India, resulting in the successful launch of this morning.
Never before did a single rocket put so many satellites into space in a single launch, a true world record. The number of satellites launched is also significantly larger than the previous record from 2014, in which ISISpace also played a major role with its launch service. This is compatible with a trend in which of small satellites are increasingly used in networks and constellations for a wide variety of applications. This type of satellite launches is expected to be a familiar sight in the years to come.
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